Ocean Utd Grassroot MASTER

GrassRoots Methodolgy Benchmarks

Hello All,
Thank you for putting your trust in our program to introduce your Children to soccer.
Our aim is that we help your child to develop a love for the game through a positive, fun and safe learning environment.
Our aim is to see each player develop through multiple touches on the ball and maximum participation in games while learning the fundamentals needed to become a confident player.
I look forward to seeing you all on the field.
Yours in Soccer.
Darren Spurrier
OTUSA Director of Coaching



In order for your child to continue to develop a love for soccer it is our belief that their
experience must be about enjoyment. With this in mind we play 3v3 and 4v4.
This allows for maximum participation during game time. It is easy for a player to get lost in
mass games, this in turn does little for the child’s development both in terms of love for the
game and technically. We want to encourage a sense of purpose and belonging on the field that
only small sided games can give at this age. Multiple touches and repetitions of scenarios will
aid in a child’s development and they will adopt these qualities through this type of game play.
Dynamic movement is encouraged and our 3v3 and 4v4 methodology provides the conditions to
learn basic technical skills of dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting as well as basic triangle
and diamond shapes.

At OTUSA, we are about the player first. This means your child needs time on the field in these
conditions along with encouragement and support to gain confidence on and off the ball, 3v3  and
4v4 allow for these multiple interactions throughout the game.


Grassroots By Age Benchmarks


U4 – benchmarks 3V3

  • Introduction to game.
  • Learn through fun games.
  • Ball each throughout practice
  • Individual possession
  • Understand boundaries – re starts etc

U5 – U7 benchmarks 3V3

  • Separation on the field.
  • Basic dribbling skills. 
  • Basic understanding of passing

U8 benchmarks 4v4

  • Understanding of shape (diamond)
  • Positioning on Goal kicks (low & wide)
  • Separation on field relative to position.
  • Passing & receiving with instep
  • Dribbling technique – speed, closeness