Ocean Township United Soccer Association

Coaches Code of Conduct

The Ocean Township United Soccer Association (OTUSA) has been formed to instill the principles of good citizenship, good sportsmanship, and teamwork through the knowledge of and participation in the competitive sport of soccer. Our players, parents, opponents, coaches, and officials are to be treated with respect at all times. There shall be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for misconduct or violent/dangerous behavior.

To ensure that these principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, and mutual respect among players, parents, coaches, and referees, are being followed, OTUSA has established this Code of Conduct. It is the obligation of all OTUSA coaches to create and maintain an environment that promotes these principles.

We all must remember that our actions reflect both OTUSA and our community. Those who violate this Code of Conduct could jeopardize their opportunity to participate in our programs.

A “coach” is defined as a volunteer (coach or manger) or paid staff in any role unless otherwise specified in the Coaches Code of Conduct.


Trainers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers et al:

The role of coaches is one of teaching citizenship, sportsmanship, and soccer skills to all the players. The coaches are also responsible for monitoring their own behavior and the behavior of their players and parents during all practices and games. Whether volunteering or employed as a coach or trainer, that individual agrees to abide by this Code of Conduct, and acknowledges that participating in the OTUSA soccer programs is a privilege and not a right. To meet these responsibilities, the Coaches are expected to:

  1. Adhere to all policies and procedures of OTUSA.
  2. Notify board@oceansoccer.com of any red card issued to you within 24 hours with an explanation.
  3. Ensure that OTUSA parents and spectators exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
  4. Treat all players, parents, opponents, officials and all coaches with respect.
  5. When coming to the field, a professional appearance is expected. All coaches must wear the proper OTUSA or professional staff attire if they are in the technical area during games.
  6. No coach is allowed to invite trainers outside of the Club mandated training organization to lead practices or without the OTUSA Board approval.
  7. No coach or/and OTUSA staff are allowed to provide any personal or outside training to any player rostered on a team they coach without prior OTUSA Board approval.
  8. Paid Staff are not permitted to accept gifts from parents, players, vendors, or anyone who has a business relationship with OTUSA. Paid Trainers and volunteer staff are permitted to receive team-based gifts typically given at the end of seasons.
  9. Roster Changes - No coach is permitted to make any roster changes, moves or cut a player from their roster for any reason without DOC support and OTUSA Board approval. The OTUSA Board approves all rosters after tryouts and any changes during the season. This does not apply to Club Pass players for games.
  10. All OTUSA staff must abstain from using abusive or profane language.
  11. All OTUSA staff must avoid conduct that could be perceived as detrimental to OTUSA.
  12. Equipment: All paid trainers must have the appropriate equipment and soccer balls with them for practice and games. If paid trainers need any equipment, please contact the DOC.
  13. Coaches are expected to leave the field the way they found it. If you move soccer goals around for practice, put them back where you found them.
  14. Coaches must obey parking rules at each facility. Do not park illegally. This is especially important at OTIS. No parking or driving thru the back of the school is permitted at any time.
  15. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on our fields at any time. Immediately contact an OTUSA Board member or the local police if someone at a game or practice is intoxicated.
  16. Smoking - there is no smoking allowed anywhere in the complex or on the fields at any time.
  17. Video Surveillance - Some fields are on video surveillance. Video will be used by local authorities if they deem it necessary while OTUSA was using the fields.
  18. Coaches are responsible for taking attendance at each practice and update it TeamSnap Availability.
  19. Only the coaches assigned to a training session are allowed to be on the field. All other coaches and parents should be away from the field.
  20. Any coach who has access to the team bank account is responsible and accountable for the proper collection and disbursement of the team funds. If any of the team funds are used for illegal activity or misappropriated, the coach(s) will be subject to OTUSA Board review and any legal action if necessary. At least two OTUSA Board Members must have access to all OTUSA team bank accounts.


Social Media

  1.  Coaches should follow OTUSA on our any platform you are currently a member:
  2. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  3. Should you be traveling as a team to a showcase or tournament, please do not publicly post the location of where you are staying, or any photos from inside the private hotel rooms.
  4. Do not publicly post profanity or racial slurs of any kind, whether they include OTUSA or not.
  5. Do not publicly post negatively about any individual player, coaches or parents on another team or about an opposing club in general.
  6. Do not publicly post negatively about officials, event organizations or leagues.
  7. Do not publicly post negatively about OTUSA or any of its coaches, administrators, players, parents or staff.
  8. Do not directly reach out to players from other teams through social media.



Any OTUSA coach, trainer or DOC, violating this Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action up to and including a permanent ban from all OTUSA activities and/or legal action. All violations of this Code of Conduct shall be reported to OTUSA Board. Any violations of this Code of Conduct may result in immediate action up to and including immediate removal/suspension from ALL OTUSA activities by the OTUSA President until the OTUSA Board can meet. All disciplinary cases will be handled via the disciplinary procedures established by the OTUSA Board.



OTUSA coaches shall signify their acceptance of this Code of Conduct by signing and returning a copy prior to participation their first OTUSA practice or game of a given season. I the undersigned have read and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and the enforcement procedure outlined and have explained this to my child.